I'm Wenzdai, a photographer and aspiring graphic designer from the bay area, and we should be frientds!

Quick Explorations and Illustrations 

Licko Poster Design

Poster design based on a known typographer. Using the typeface in a way that will engage students to atten event. 

Frida Illustration

A quick minimalistic exploration based on Frida Kahlo. 

Texture Exploration

A part of a larger series of work, exploring textures and different mediums. 

Indepth Projects

Visual Literacy: Combining Signifiers
Project required me to find two different and unrelated signifiers,and juxtapose them to create a visual relationship 

Creature Exploration

 A  series of visual explorations around a mythological creature, exploring key traits, such as temperament, physical characteristics, national significance, reputation, etc.

Slow Food USA Mock Campaign 

The goal of this project was to further my understanding of the basic objectives, principles, and methods used in graphic design.

Noir City Mock Up

Brochure design for local film fest. Constraints of working with minimal color & typeface.

Teacup exploration

An exploration into teacups. Explorint the shape and form as well as  an idea. 

Rebrandind Wordmark 

 Express the meaning, identity and tone of an entity only using typography. Exploiting graphic opportunities within letterforms. 

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